About Us

About Aviva

Aviva provides the necessary information from design sketch to livable spaces; we cover supervision, implementation and any post construction requirement

Knowledge is power. We are currently living in a transitional era in which any other information apart from construction is readily available at the click of a link. We think that should
We aim at providing industry relevant information to enable you make the right decision.
A 10% deviance on an estimate arising from a lack of knowledge could be the difference between that dream walking closet and an ordinary closet.

Our Mission

To be the most trusted, respected, and influential partner providing real time construction and real estate industry solutions for tomorrow

Our Vision

Our overall vision is a future for the African construction and real estate industry to operate sustainably without boundaries.

Authentic Ideas

We provide our clients with the most authentic ideas to bring their dreams to life.

Great Team

You can be rest assured that our team of brilliant minds will work with you to bring your ideas to life.

Base On Target

At Aviva, we focus to meet our clients targets by offering quality services to our clients.

Skill & Capabilities.

The Great Team We Have is Ready To Make Your Business Awesome

Consultancy 80%
Design 90%
Property Management / Real Estate 88%
Construction / Project Management 85%
Facilities Management 88%
Hospitality 80%


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