We at Aviva create beautiful interiors from the concept to the completion stage which brings functionality and value to the building. We collaborate with our clients from the initial phases to understand their needs while expertly planning the spaces that are innovative. We provide interior design service for new construction as well as for renovation projects including hotels, educational facilities, healthcare, offices, industrial buildings, etc.

We define, design, and deliver. Our organized approach to design involves the client in every phase of planning, construction, and finishing. Our architectural and engineering background and experience ensure that spaces whether limited or extensive alterations maximize flow and ease of use. From the early phases of the project and preliminary budgeting, we coordinate with the technical consultants such as lighting, audio/visual, landscape design, and others for everything to be well coordinated.

Our designs elevate the experience by representing our client’s needs and budgets. Through strategic space planning, along with the special selection of surface materials, fabrics, art, textures, colors, specialized lighting, and graphics, our team of interior architects and designers brings life to your brand image. Our experts ensure that each stage of work complies with the highest standards of quality assurance.

Interior Design Services includes:

  • Architectural details and drawings
  • Floor plans and elevations
  • Collaboration with architects and contractors
  • Space planning and interior architecture
  • Provide furniture, fixtures, and equipment specifications
  • Budget planning



AVIVA provides multi-family residential architecture services since 1965. We have experience of working with owners and developers on various single and multi-family residential projects in urban and suburban areas across Northeast USA. We understand your needs and help you build your dream home, keeping your vision alive. We want to revitalize existing urban areas, reduce sprawl and land consumption, promote pedestrian activity, encourage efficient water and energy use, and build more livable communities for people of all income levels.

Our Clientele is as diverse as our projects, including private clients, municipal and public housing authorities and a wide variety of Non-Profit organizations. Through our 50+ years of experience, we have become design experts of single or multi-residential homes by understanding, designing, planning, constructing and managing human habitats.

Our In-house multi-family residential architect, engineering and construction teams specialize in design-build of all type of homes be it apartment building, condominiums, duplexes, quadruples, or multi-family homes.

Our Integrated Design-Build Services include:

  • Full architectural and construction design
  • Engineering & Construction Services for various projects be it New Construction, Renovation or Addition to guide you from Planning till completion to make your dream project a reality.



Aviva and its strategic partners have been providing Commercial architectural designs, Construction services to Office and Retail projects in Uganda, Kampala and Dubai.

We have overseen and handed over 20,000 square feet of both commercial, retail and creative space. We design office spaces that feel special, comfortable, and help adequately communicate your brand identity. They are spaces that should be perfectly balance both functional and comfortable.

Our Commercial general contracting experience with office space includes:

  • Renovation of Office Spaces
    • Restoration of Office Spaces
    • Expansion of Office Spaces
    • MEP, HVAC, and Safety Upgrades for Office Spaces
    • New Commercial or retail Construction